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Topics Covered

  • Robot Mechanics
  • Electrical Systems
  • Robot Electronics
  • Sensors Technology
  • Wireless Data Transmission
  • Microcontrollers and their programming

Edubotix Robotics Internship program is meant for the students of all discipline from engineering backgrounds and for those who are looking for Summer internships/industrial training in Robotics domain.

An exhaustive 4 weeks theoretical coverage of applied robotics concepts followed by do-it-yourself practical lab sessions for hands on experience on the topics covered is provided, which empowers the student with an insightful understanding of the concepts both in terms of theory and practical.

This is one of the best investments of your time - This Summer

Course benefits

  • In-depth knowledge of Embedded C Programming, Robotics Software and Hardware
  • First hand prospect of working on high end projects
  • Chance to become a potential Robotics geek


  • First - Second - Third or Final year students of B.E/B.Tech/ME/B.Sc/M.Sc
  • Embedded system enthusiasts (undergrads, pass-outs)


Internship Certificate for all attending candidates

Robot Mechanics

A detailed study of dynamics for a robot, design consideration, structure analysis, steering mechanisms, grippers and arms for a robot will be covered.

Electrical Systems

Study of various electrical components like D.C. Motors, Stepper Motors, Servo motors, D.C. power supplies, Batteries (Ni-CD, Ni-MH, Li-ion, Li- po), Relays etc. Will be covered.

Robot Electronics

Electronic components for robots like comparators, A/D, D/A converters, RF systems, IR systems, encoders/decoders will be covered.

Sensors Technology

Various kinds of sensors, Sensor interfacing, selecting a proper sensor, error compensation etc. Will be covered in this session.

Wireless Data Transmission

IR and RF wireless Data Transfer - Working with 2.4 GHz modules

Microcontrollers and their programming

  • Knowing existing micro controllers and their architecture. Programming AMTEGA-32 in 'C' and transferring programs to microcontroller via PC.
  • Working with various ports of micro and using ADC, USART and other peripheral devices on ATMEGA-32.

Projects Undertaken

  • Wireless Data Transmission.
  • Wirelessly Controlled Robots.
  • Starting with L.E.D. blinking using micro controller.
  • Reading switches and sensors
  • Driving D.C. motors/steppers/servos/relays
  • ADC and PWM programming
  • COM port interfacing with P.C.
  • Realtime color detection.
  • Ball following for robots.
  • IR Obstacle Sensors, Light Sensors, Temperature Sensor, Sound Sensors,Ultrasonic module
  • Interfacing

Internship Venues

  • Ahmedabad
  • Jaipur
  • Faridabad
  • Meerut

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