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Robotics Workshops

RoboStar - First Step for starters

A workshop for beginners in the field of Robotics who want to learn basics of robotics and understand about the concepts of the line following robots, light seeking robots and basic principles of physics and mathematics

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Robogrid - Concepts of Sensors & Programming

A workshop for beginners in the field of Robotics who want to learn basics of robotics, design of three wheel robots, understand about the concepts of different sensors Here students will learn and develop line following robots, obstacle avoiding robots, remote control robots, switch control robots, computer control robots, light seeking robots and visual programming language for robots.

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Pedgrid - Learn Walking Robots

A workshop for students who want to learn about locomotion of humans and robots. Students will learn advance mechanism and designing of walking robots. It will help students to learn about special kind of motors and overview of software to control these robots.

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Robochamp - Junior - Design your Bot

A workshop for students to convert their ideas in reality by providing hundreds of design concept and total practical approach with small metal parts to make them working with sensors and electronic systems using Visual Programming language.

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Stair Climber - Make your Bot Climb

This workshop will enhance the knowledge of students about robots which can easily avoid obstacles, climb on stairs and run on rough surfaces using belts and chains.

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RoboDog - Learn 4 Legged Robots

A workshop for those who want to understand and know how the 4 legged creatures walk run and maintain balance while moving

This workshop comprises of 4 legged robot with 8 DOF joints in total to teach the concepts.

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Roboarm - Create a Robotic Arm

This is a workshop on robotic arms and grippers - where students will learn about the working of a robotic arm which is used in the industry and how they can be made on a small scale using simple components.

The student can use this robotic arm on their other robots also.

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Robochamp - Senior - Master the Bot

This is an advanced level workshop which will teach students about the advanced level of Do-It Yourself robotics In this workshop student will build their own machines with advanced control and sensing systems.

This workshop can only be attended after attending the Robochamp Junior.

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Roboclub - Be a Member of Roboworld

A unique year long activity classroom program where the students will be required to attend the Robolab twice a week and work on bigger and complex projects.

The classroom timings are flexible and a minimum of 4 hrs a week of activity is required

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