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Edubotix - Walkie ( Two leg Robot ) SCARA Robotic Arm Articulated Robotics Arm
Cartesian Robotic Arm Edubotix Hawk - Realtime Image Processing Robot. 2.4 Ghz Wireless - 16 Channel Servo Controller
5 Degrees of Freedom Robotic Arm - With a payload capacity of 200 gms. Six Legged - Hexapod Stair climbing robot made using Turtle Track and Stair Climber Kit
Sound Activated Robot Wireless Accelerometer Digital Power supply which provide accuracy of 0.1V
A Turtle Track with gripper Edubotix bipedal Robot Edubotix Oscilloscope
Edubotix Sound Activated Digital Switch Edubotix Computer Controlled Turtle using Wireless Edubotix Light sensor
Edubotix Computer Controlled Turtle Movement of servo Motor Using POT
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